We went to Northern Australia, territory of Queensland in June. Which is our spring, and Australia's fall. Here is a shot our one of the pools at the Quest Marlin Cove Resort where we stayed.
On our second day we headed out to a place called "Green Island". Here we are on the dock waiting for our high speed transport to take us out the Great Barrier Reef.
Here is a shot of the docking area at Green island.
It was low tide when we got there...here is some of the coral reef areas next to the docks.
It was a fun day, but the low tide and lack of good snorkeling made it a bit disapointing.
Here is a shot of the City of Cairns. This photo was taken on our way back from the Green Island day.
The next day we took a train from the lowland sugar cane fields, up into the mountains where the Kuranda area Rain Forrest is. Here is one of the water falls we passed.
Here is a shot of the Barron Falls. During the "wet" season, which is a few months before we got there, this is what it looks like. I borrowed this photo.
Here is what the falls looked like when we were there. We really didn't mind being their during the dry season. The weather was fantastic while we were there.
We went to one of the Animal Sanctuary areas at the top of the Kuranda area, and here are some salt water crocodiles.