Here are some cute Koala's asleep in one area.
Teresa really wanted a photo of her holding a Koala, but did not want to wake any of them up for such a thing. She is generous and kind hearted to a "T"!
But she did feed some of the other animals. Here is a small Wallaby she found.
And a young Kangaroo.....
We took a very long, (7 miles) cable car back to the bottom of the valley. It's called the SKYRAIL.
The view was stunning...and the heavy tall rainforest we passed over was breathtaking.
Pictures just do not do it justice....I wish you could see how truely magnificent the Rain Forrest is.
Behind us is the Coral Sea, and large plantations of Sugar Cane, Tea, Coffee, Bananas, and Avacados.
The next day we rented a car and started driving north along the coast.
This area of Australia is extremely lightly populated...and huge beaches and areas had no people at all....