I pose for the camera.
The next day was spent exploring Cairns. We ate at a Mexican Resturant called Montezuma's.
The next day we started exploring the outback. Here I am in front of one of thousands of termite mounds. We visited several vineyards, plantations and saw some beautiful areas in what is called the "Highlands".
After a day of rest, we spent the following day out at the Great Barrier Reef again.
Here is a fish called "George" who likes to pose for divers.
Here is a shot of our first dive area, called "Saxon Reef".
Since most of the reef is under 50 feet at this location, Teresa and I decided to just snorkel this day, and leave the SCUBA for another day.
I have dove all around the world...but the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful places I have been.
It is about 90 minutes out from land...but it is worth the trip!
The coral was beautiful, and the fish plentiful and big!