Another shot of Trinity Beach, looking out on the Coral Sea.
I wanted to go horseback riding in the Outback, and Teresa reluctantly agreed.
It was a crazy drive out there...but the ranch was beautiful, and the day was great. Teresa is on Star, and I'm on Ben.
Teresa's horse liked to buck around a bit...and she got some saddle soreness...but she had fun!
I think her favorite time was our rest she is feeding Ben.
Here is Ben and me taking a break. He was a very good horse...but a bit of a "stop and eat some grass anytime I feel like it" kind of a guy.
Me on Ben, riding around in the Australian Outback or Bush area.
During lunch, Teresa played with the two tame ranch kangaroos.
They thought there were dogs...and followed the ranch dogs around. They try to sneak into the ranch house when ever they can.
After a great steak and scones lunch, back out for another ride!