We had a great second ride...even if we did ride thru "Spider Alley".
It was a great day...and I hope to go riding again soon!
Here is the rancher and his wife, two Japanese tourists like Teresa and me, and the international crew of ranch hands.
Here is some shots of Cairns. It is a wonderful area to wander around and shop /eat.
Lots of plaza's, trees and tropical birds.
The shops are open late, as are the resturaunts. Everything else seems to close at 5pm sharp.
Here is a shot looking north towards Trinity Beach from the docks at Cairns. The sun is setting in the north west.
Cairns at dusk, walking along the harbor esplanade.
Another sunset shot.
The palm trees are filled with tropical colorful birds.
All too soon it's time to head back to Japan. Here is a shot of us on our balcony at our apartment.
Winging our way home on Qantas...the moon is off our right wing.
We spent the night in Tokyo before returning to Misawa. Here is a shot outside our hotel window, looking at Haneda Airport.