My friend Mike, (whom I have known for years and years) had some vacation time, I had some vacation time, and sadly Teresa had College we decided to go to China on vacation. I flew to Korea to meet Mike, and we flew from Seoul to Beijing. Here Mike and I are in Tianamen Square.
Mike and I got a really good deal on a package tour thru Asiana Airways. We got a really nice place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, our own car, driver and tour guide for a very low price! Here is the entrance to the Forbidden City, across from Tienamen Square. The painting of Chairman Mao is changed every year with a fresh new one.
China's Teienamen Square
Here we are in the first courtyard. The City has 999 rooms, and if you count the city as one big room, it has 1000 rooms.
It was very hot when we visited, and we stayed in the shade as much as possible. There were soldier here and there, but no weapons were seen. There were lots of foreigners, so we did not feel to conspicious.
Here we are looking at a painting, and reading the history signs. The signs were in many languages. Our driver dropped us off right at the front door to the Forbidden City, so no walking a mile like the poor folks on buses!
Here is the main courtyard, where the Emperor would review visitors and troops. It was made famous in the movie "The Last Emperor". It was very cool to walk on tiles that were 2000 years old. Only the emperor could walk on the middle paths.
The scale of everything was huge. There was restoration going everywhere.
The emperor had many different palace and throne rooms. Each throne room was used for a different purpose.
Here is a large bronze crane. The many different bronze statues around were actually incense burners. There were also large barrels and vats around, which were always filled with water, and used to help put out fires.
Here is one of the many thrones in the Forbidden City. I don't remember which event or occasions this throne was used for.