It was a hot summer day...and we left our chaufered car and hiked the Great Wall. This was a nice starting place...very smooth. Next came the stairs...that never ended and were very steep!
Most of the great wall is in bad shape, or totally destroyed. Some of the wall is being rebuilt for tourism, such as this area. It really is a magnificent accomplishment...3000 miles long, and can be seen from space!
At this particular place, where the wall intersects a river, the Chinese built a garrison area. A road also runs along the river here. This was a very strategic spot for security, and taxation of trade passing thru here!
Here is a shot looking from the south, looking north as the wall goes up from the river and up into the mountains.
From the wall, stretching from eye distance to eye distance into Beijing, towers were built. If there was ever an attack, fires would be lit on the towers, and so within an hour or so, the fires could be seen in Beijing, and the army rallied.
The wall in this area was about 50 feet high, and 30 feet wide. Towers and guard houses were every quarter of a mile or so. The stairs were steep!
It was very hot too....but the views were stunning. Xing Xing did not seem to mind the climb, I think she had done it before! Mike and I were exhausted tho.
Here is a shot looking at the wall as it stretches north from our position, up along the mountains. The wall area you see at the 9 oclock position is part of an enclosure around the entire garrison city area.
Another shot looking down the wall into the garrison city side.
And a shot looking up, as the wall continues to stretch up into the mountains on the south.