Start of another day, and yet another tour! This day started with a trip to the Ron Brugal Rum Factory. Here is their link The Brugal Rum Company is big business in the D.R. So is cigar making.
Outside by the shop for the tourists, they had samples of the equipment used in the past for crushing the sugar cane and refining the sugar cane liquids into Molasses, which was then refined into the rum. Cane fields from all over the country supply the Rum Factory.
Here the finished rums are blended and automatically put into bottles.
Which are then cased and put onto trucks for delivery world wide.
Here is a truck full of molasses coming into the factory.
Here is a sample of their most common 5 Extra Vintage sizes. They make about 10 kinds of rum.
Next was a trip to the top of the mountain overlooking Puerta Plata. The bump on the top is where the statue of Christ is located.
Looking back onto the city from about half way up...this is one of the oldest cities in the Carribean. Near here is where Columbus first set foot in the new world.
Looking down onto the city. An old spanish fort is in the corner, top right, under some clouds. You can see freighters unloading...the bigest one is an oil tanker.
There is a large statue of Crist, just like the one in Rio at the top of the mountain. The clouds were moving very fast along the top of the mountain, making it very surreal.
Self taken shot looking down onto the city
The Dominican Republic has alot of very green fertile hills and mountains...not like the Bahamas at all, which is much browner and flatter...
Some folks took my picture before I had to head back down to the city. Most of the tourists were Canadians and Europeans...most in their 60's, 70's and 80's. Lots of Germans....
This is what alot of the city traffic is like. Lots of motorcycle, or "motoconcho" taxi's. Very dangerous. Everyone said to avoid these kinds of taxi's.
A farmers market. Notice the vest on the motorcycle driver, that means he is a licensed taxi driver.
The city court yard. Very beautiful buildings, some almost 400 years old surround the plaza.
Some newer buildings from the 18th century.
And a brand new church...
Lots of locals and tourists rest, eat and enjoy the plaza. It is one of the prettiest places I saw in the city.
Here is the the San Felipe Fort, which was started in 1549 to prevent pirate attacks.
Here is a shot from the plaza in front of the fort.
I put the camera on autotimer, and took this shot. My camera is resting on another cannon...
A shot looking north into the bay the fort guards. I was the most fascinated by the castle of all the spots the tour went to that day...but all the other tourists were more interested in the cable car and/or Amber Museum. People now days just don't appreciate a good castle or fort!
After the fort, we went to The Amber Museum and store located in downtown Puerta Plata. Some of the best clear "honey' amber in the world comes from the Dominican Republic. A fair amount has insects and such from millions of years ago embedded into the stones.
Here is actually a lizard, which was caught inside the sap. Very expensive.
Roaches from millions of years ago. They would probably start to crawl around and breed if cut out of the stones....LOL....
Beetles, Mosquitos, etc. Any dinosaur DNA in that mosquito? The jewelry here was too expensive, but I did find a nice place that sold amber with bugs in it, and bought several for Teresa!
Sadly, a fair number of the last days were rainy. But it didn't stop diving and swimming at least! All too soon it was time to head back to the U.S.