Here is the London China Town , just a few blocks from Picadilly Circus.
Mike and I really wanted to see Les Miserables, but the tickets were about 55 pounds, or $120 dollars. Plus we kept getting back to London to late at time for sure!
Holiday lights, and double decker buses....very English!
A large department store, three times bigger than what you see here.
The next day we took the "tube" or the "underground" to the Tower of London. Which is actually a castle complex on the Thames River.
Here I pose next to a statue of Caesar, with a Roman wall behind me. There are alot of Roman ruins around the Tower Castle.
And here we now enter the "Tower of London"...which as I said is a castle complex with alot of towers......
A view of the north side of the complex. What is grass now used to be a deep moat connected to the Thames River.
There were a number of decent gift shops in the area. I was of course attracted to the armor and weapons available. Not as many as I would hav liked of course....
Still....some of this wouldn't be too hard to put into the suitcase would it? It would look good on the wall at home........:)
A shot of the West side of the complex.
A coble stone street along the inner wall area. There is an outer wall, an inner wall, then an inner courtyard.
You have to go thru several gates and several portcullis complexes. There are also people who live in the Tower complex at night.
The buildingon the left is the old warehouse, then barracks, and now Royal Jewels building. On the right is the Royal Armory, also called the White Tower..
This wall just past the "Traitors Gate" is the remains of a Roman Fort built here hundreds upon hundreds of years ago.
Behind me is the building where the British Crown Jewels are kept. No photos allowed inside for some reason.....
People still live in these buildings. The Royal Guards, called "Beef Eaters" still live here with their families. Plus a doctor, a small store and a priest. This large grassy area is called the Tower Green
The famous "Tower of London".....where the famous Crown Jewels of England have been kept since the 14th Century.
In the courtyard was the place where 7 famous people were beheaded. Normally people were locked in the Tower, but were sent a few miles away to be executed. Only the cream of society were killed here....
Queen Ann Bollyn and Queen Katherine Howard were both wives of King Henry the VIII'th....
This famous small church is where all those who were executed were buried. Plus another 2000 bodies were found here a few decades ago when they did some reconstruction on the church. No photos allowed inside, but we got some good stories!
Mike in front of the Tower, with the Royal Fusiliers, or Royal Soldiers Museum behind him.
Me and the Tower....
A Royal Guard....had to take this picture of course....
I didn't really take this picture...I got it off the web. There was a ton of gold and jewels in there tho! Definately worth seeing!
I love the architecture of the place....I want my castle to be just like this!
A shot of the Armory from the side of the Tower.
Here is a royal cannon....very pretty, eh?