Filming progresses at this time, for the Twilight of the Republic fan film project. Here we are working on the boom mike and patches for the costumes.
Gordon works on putting new cables on the boom mike for our first real shoot.
Malia Tyner is playing our Mercenary Pilot Brem. She hand put on these temporary tattoos.
Brady Cheiffi is playing our evil Lord Slyth LaPike, the villan who hired our mercenaries.
I am up ontop of a ladder to get some arial view shots of our Mercenaries landing on the planet Denarius 4.
Here our mercenaries exit the Dracol 6's starship ramp for the soil of Denarius 4.
I check our marks and positions for the next take. I am the one in the grey jumpsuit.
Brady and Andy work on their lines....they had some long dialogue sequences....
I get Brady into position for a shot that is located near the end of the movie....
Andy talks to the wounded and trapped Brady, as the crew and cast look on.