It was July, and time for the first global PSGS conference. I work for Perot Systems, and all the FSA's from around the world converged in Dallas, Texas. Here is the PACAF Team.
We stayed at a fine hotel in Dallas, the Renessance Inn, in the township of Plano, a few miles from Perot Systems HQ.
It was a week long conference at this hotel. They were very good to us, and the company did us proud.
Richard, Solo and Fred enjoy a breakfast on the first day with the PACAF team.
Here is Vinh, Debbie our illustrius leader, Kirt and Ron.
Team PACAF on the second day, taking notes and helping with the instruction.
Here is all of TEAM PACAF, all 10 bases in the Pacific represented.
Night 2 we were treated by the company to Medivel Times. It was great food, and great entertainment.
Night 3 was lazertag and steak. Here is the next day.
Here is the PACAF team, plus Debbie and her boss as well.