After the convention, I headed to North Carolina, to visit my brother David, sister-in-law Diane, and my neice Jennifer, and nephew Johnathan.
Here is a shot of David, Diane, Johnathan and Jennifer.
I brought some presents from Japan, a nifty remote control motorcycle for Johnathan, and a Hello Kitty lugage set for Jennifer.
Here is Jennier playing with her toys...and saying thanks to Uncle Sean too.....
My parents were visiting at the same time. Here is their motorhome and Jeep. It was great to see them again.
We went to a local vegetable/fruit was so good to see this kind of thing don't see it in Japan
So much goodness....and such good prices....
The grandparents Ralph and Bonnie, with grandkids Jennifer and Johnathan.
Johnathan got a haircut, and so did Jennifer! I think this is the best looking Neice and Nephew ever!
I sprung for toys...whatever they wanted. It was more fun for me than the kids I think...and they had a blast