On a nice summer afternoon, Teresa, Sisko and I went for a walk on Miss Vedol Beach. The first non-stop trans-pacific flight started on this beach @1935.
It is a local park area, with a decent beach, nice trails and a good place to wander around. Here is Teresa and Sisko after a time on the beach.
The next week, the new Commander and her Mom were visiting, and Teresa and I took them on a tour of the Northern Tip of the main island of Honshu.
Here is Renee, me and Karen. We are at the Shimokita Peninsula area. Wakinosawa beach trail.
We drove up into the Wakinosawa mountains. It was a cloudy, slightly stormy day unfortunantly.
We stopped a the Monkey Zoo, saw the mountain monkeys and had lunch. Teresa ordered 3 ice creams to go
Here are the three ladies posing in front of a map, enjoying their soft serve ice cream!
Here is Karen and I on top of ash-rocks at the Hotoken Cliff area.
The scenary is striking, as soft volcanic ash rock is eroded into fascinating shapes.
It's a long hard drive to get here, but everyone should make the trip at least once.