Teresa's brother Thomas and her good friend Lynn came to visit us in Japan for two weeks. Two weeks is not long enough to spend with such good friends.
After a stop over in Korea, Thomas and Lynn arrived at Aomori International Airport, about 90 miles west of Misawa.
We decided to take them to lunch at the revolving resturaunt on top of the Tourism Tower overlooking Aomori Bay.
Here we are ordering lunch. It takes the resturaunt about 90 minutes to make one full revolution. They serve French style food. Good, but a bit pricy. Great view tho.
Although tired from traveling for 30+ hours, Lynn was in great spirits, and glad to see her friends...and see Japan
The unstoppable Thomas was ready to go...no sleep needed for him! Where's the food?
Aomori is the capital of the prefecture, which the equivalant to a state. It's a beautiful city.
Thomas poses in front of a Nebuta float. Once a year a huge parade has dozens of these huge inner lit papermache style floats pulled around the city at night.
We then stretch our legs by walking the main shoppin area in Aormoi, called "White Pole Road".
As expected, lots of bicycles, but very nice wide clean streets. It was alot of fun.