After a rest, the next day we took Thomas and Lynn to the Lake Towada National Park. It is alot like Crater Lake National Park in the U.S.
There is a scenic gorge thru the mountains leading to the volcanic mountain lake in the middle. There are waterfalls and beautiful scenery along the 12 mile road.
There is hiking paths and scenic pull overs all along the road. It is a very popular place for the Japanese, especially in the spring and fall.
There are many waterfalls along the Oirase Gorge road/trail. I would estimate at least a dozen fair sized ones.
The river has many moss covered trees and rocks alongside it. It is a very beautiful place.
The lake at the top of the gorge is very big and deep. There are tourist cruise boats there.
At the head of the river by the docks is one of several small towns that have a few resturants and vending machines.
Thomas noticed this car by the docks, and really liked the lines of it. It's a bit small for his taste, but Lynn also really liked it, and liked its size.
On the way back down the gorge, we stopped at several waterfalls for photo ops.
Lynn and Teresa pose by one of the more photogenic waterfalls by the road.
Here is a shot of myself by a landslide area
Thomas in the same area....
The small waterfall behind Teresa and Thomas is from a landslide that went across the entire gorge.
Lynn and I ham it up for the camera.
A shot of Teresa and I.....
A closer view of the waterfall caused by the landslide.
Here is all 4 of us posing near the bottom of the gorge.
On a tributary river near the bottom of the gorge is several resorts, and several well developed hiking trails. One of which uses this bridge to cross a small stream.
Lynn and Teresa on top of the same bridge.
Lynn stops to take in the sights of the main Shinto Temple in Towada City.
Thomas and Teresa check out one of the smaller shrines at the Towada City temple complex.

Thomas, Lynn and Tersa check out some of the architecture and sculptures in the shrine area.