The next day we headed for the Misawa Fishing Port, located a few miles south east of Misawa City. A cool thing about Japan is the vast numbers of vending machines.
The fishing port has several very long concrete water breaks extending far out into the ocean. Many people fish from these piers for fun.
To keep people from driving out, gates at the beginning make you have to squeeze between the huge concrete jacks that make up much of the water breaks.
We were fortunate that we had a good weather day. It was a bit overcast, but warm enough, and no rain. The water was relatively calm as well.
The pier had been severely damaged in an earthquake in 94, but has been repaired.
The port has almost doubled in size since Teresa and I were here before in the early 90's.
Later that night we went to Shimoda City to the large mall. We had dinner and saw a movie.
The movie theater has food counters at the front, but also lots of vending machines by the theater doors. Hot and cold beverages, and snack. No line!
We finished the day by playing Air Hockey, one of Teresa and my's favorite games.
Thomas played one handed while he ate soft serve ice cream. It was a good day!