We visited a local graveyard to show Thomas and Lynn how the Japanese build shrines to honor their ancestors and maintain traditions.
The making of these granite funeral shrines is a major business in Japan. Many of these shrines are very large, and very expensive.
Then we headed down the road to Tonami Clan Park. It is a historic war horse training center from several hundred years ago. It covers about 40 acres.
A large walking park area, a recreated large house for the Lord who administered the Tonami Clan's horse business and Clan affairs.
These straw cloaks and hats were used when it was raining or snowing.
Shoes were forbidden in the house, and the beautiful wood work stays in good shape because of it.
Mannequins are dressed up in period clothing, and posed in everyday work/study positions.
Outside the main house, were bamboo groves. I snapped a shot of Thomas, Teresa and Lynn.
At the top of the steps was more houses, and museum, and a large open park for the visitors to have picnics at.
There is also a miniature golf area, and a petting zoo. It was late in the year, and there were hardly any other visitors.