The next day we journed north along the eastern sea coast on our way to Cape Shiriya. The day was foggy and the seas were a bit rough.
We stopped at Miss Vidol Beach, where the first non-stop Trans-Pacific flight started. It went from Misawa to Wenatchi Oregon.
Many miles later, we stopped to take pictures of a cliff enclosed fishing port. Lynn, Teresa and Sisko stayed in the car while Thomas and I explored.
Looking down at the Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 that I drive, and the foggy fishing port.
You can see the coastal road just above the angry sea tossed waves.
This is the path we hiked up, which intrigued us because of the Torii Gate at the entrance.
Fishing is a very big business in almost every Japanese coastal city. They fish at night, and use lots of large lightbulbs to attract the fish to the boat.
This relatively small port had at least 70 fishing vessels.
We never got to Cape Shiriya, but we saw alot of countryside, had some good food, and I was able to get these photos of Teresa and Lynn.
Here is Thomas, and Sisko posing as well. Boy, Sisko sure has long legs!