The next day was windy, but clear and warm. We decided to start the day off with some miniature golf.
It was so windy, that you almost couldn't hear other people talking, but it was still alot of fun. There were lots of blown leaves on the course tho.
I am actually in a few shots, as Teresa insisted on taking the camera and getting a few photos of me!
Here I am trying to put a golf ball down a concrete dragons mouth. Do I really want it when it comes out the other end of the dragon?
Here I am making another Birdee put. If I remember correctly, I won the game.
Teresa was in charge of keeping the was a good morning!
That afternoon we went to the old Downtown area of Hatchinohe City. Hatchinohe is the largest close city to Misawa, and is a fun place to visit.
The CINO building is brand new, and is a new Cinema complex. We have not been in it yet.....
We had a good lunch, and shopeed alot of the stores. Lynn especially liked the 100YEN stores. These are dollar stores, but there are some very good items in there.
Teresa was happy just to sit down. She is not a big shopper, but had fun watching everyone else.