We flew down the next day to Tokyo's national airport, Haneda. We took a monorail, train then subway to our U.S. Military Hotel, the New Sanno.
Located in downtown Tokyo, not far from the Roppongi entertainment district, and very close to a subway terminal, it is a great spot for exploring Tokyo.
We bought subway tickets from a vending machine, and then went underground. It is very easy to navigate around Tokyo by it's subways and rail ways.
There are many magazine, food and other shops in most of the subway terminals.
The superscripted "S" symbol means an entrance to the underground subway stations.
Our first visit was to the world famous Ginza Shopping area. It is famous for its high priced items.
Tall buildings, lots of little shops, and fine imported luxury items abounded. Tersa was astounded to see a several hundred dollar umbrella for sale.
Thomas and Lynn used alot of disposable cameras, and fortunately were able to restock many times from shops like this one all over Tokyo.
Although large and full of people, Tokyo is not a hard place to navigate around, and it is pretty clean.
I thought this row of shops and resturaunts was cool...it is built under the railroad tracks passing thru Ginza.
Here is the other side of the same rail road tracks
Thomas and I saw this clothing shop with this old car in it, and got the sales ladies to pose for us.
A shot of Teresa, Thomas and Lynn in downtown Tokyo, Ginza Shopping area!
Many of the buildings were very colorfully lit up. At night, the streets look like magic.
We walked well into the night, exploring street after colorfull street.
A different kind of crowd started to emerge at night. We got hungry and wound up finding a McDonalds. We ate at a number of McDonalds in Tokyo.
Finally we were too tired to go any more. We decided to call it a night had head back to the subways before they shutdown...usually around 11pm at night.
Lynn and Teresa stop for me to take their picture for a moment just outside the New Sanno Hotel.
More shots from the Tokyo Nightlife scene
I think this shot was of Ginza at night
I wish we could have had another week or two to explore. There is just so much to see, and so little time to see it all.