After Thomas and Lynn left, we decided to take the bus down the road to the Shibuya district, to eat at TGIF. Shibuya is famous for young peoples clothing stores.
There was a younger, more energetic feel to the crowds...but not really our thing. We were there for food!
As much as it looks like I am the one psyched up to eat at TGIF, the real fan is Teresa! We went back to TGIF at least 3 times before we left a few days later.
Here is the famous Tower Records store in Tokyo. It is 7 stories of audio/video sales.
We also hit the Tokyo Disney store. Here is my "Princess"!
Later we headed over to the computer/electronics area, called Ahkihibara.
It is a large area, devoted to all sorts of electronics sales. From computers to air conditioners, this place had it all. It is the sort of place that I could spend weeks rumaging around in all the little shops selling computer equipment.
Everything you can think of in Japanese electronics can be found here.....
Fortunately for our checkbook, we were tired, and could not put too much into our suitcases....but my heart knows the way back to Ahkihibara!
This was a really cool fasade on the outside of this shop....couldn't resist the photo.