One of the most famous attractions in Tokyo is the Tokyo Tower. This is a large Eifel Tower type structure, and is taller than the French structure.
After taking the Hiroo Subway line as close as we could get to it, we walked several blocks and entered the lower level ticket/gift area. We bought tickets to take us to the top of 3 levels.
This shot is from the second to the top level. Fortunately the weather was decent, and we could see most of Tokyo spread out around us.
Mostly heavily built up city, there are some park areas, and the parts of Tokyo Bay we could see were filled with large freighters and cruise ships.
So much of the city is low 7 to 10 story buildings, but the large number of high rises is truely amazing.
Here you can see the shadow of the Tokyo Tower stretching off for a good distance.
There were lots of tourists at the tower, mostly Japanese. I got some school children to take our picture for us.
Here is a shot of a finger of Tokyo Bay. There were lots of signs on the glass pointing out what buildings were which.
I saw this cool robot riding toy outside on the lower visitor level. Wish it was a real one I could buy and ride around in.
There was a pretty neat art exhibit also, where paintings are done to look like real life. This is actually a painting of a cliff, and I am on side. The photo is turned 90 degrees.
This shot is turned 90 degrees also...either that or I am really strong!
This one is an optical illusion...that or Teresa is really friendly with that shark!
Same shark, different bait!
Hey...where did my body go?
This genie wanted to have me over for lunch! Literaly!
It was fun...I reccomend the Tokyo Tower trip to all who visit Tokyo!