Hungry for more good food, Teresa and I took a bus from the New Sanno Hotel to the Hamimacho area, where there was the Tokyo Outback Steak House.
Located accross from a major train center, (which we took the next day on our return trip home, fist there then the monorail, then the Haneda airport) the Outback Steak House is in the lower level of a shopping plaza.
Heavy traffic made for some pretty cool shots. I decided to try slowing the shot speed, and see what kind of a blur I could get.
Another blur shot...I like it!
Dinner was decent, but the walk around Hamimacho was pretty cool also.
Last day, and we decided to go hit Roppongi one more time, to try the TGIF there. First we walked down from the New Sanno to the Hiroo plaza to catch the subway there.
Here is what the subway entrance looks like. There is usually two of them, one on both sides of the street.
This is the automated ticket dispenser. It's not too hard to figure out. You can either buy the exact amount that it takes to get from one point to another, or get an all day pass. Which is what we always did. Cost is around $7 for an all day pass.
You put your ticket in the gate, where the green arrow is. Don't forget to grab the ticket as it is spit out the other end Thomas!
We finally got to is really good food. Teresa always chose something different for the meal, but always the ice cream for desert! Check out the fasade on the building behind her!
Wish we had one of these in Misawa...or at least the menu available at the club on base!
Teresa loves her strawberry ice cream shakes!
And she loves her hambergers!
We spent our last few hours wandering around the Tokyo Hills shopping area. We had a small earthquake while was cool to hear the automated voices kick in saying "We've experienced an earthquake...please leave the buildings at this tme....".
And now we are past the train, and on the monorail on our way to Haneda National Airport. Tokyo Tower is in the distance.
Then a lengthy wait for our planes boarding time. for the trip for Misawa....
Here we go...and here comes the rain. At least it waited until the vacation was over.....