One of the nice things about Teresa being home for a year or so finishing her Bachelors in Accounting, was the incredible lunches she would make for me. I loved going home for her food!
Fortunately I live near where I work, so it's only a few minutes from work to home for lunch.
We also live very close to some nice open acreage, with a bicycle trail built thru it. The changing colors and textures of the rice fields make it a very beautiful place to walk.
During the non-winter months, we take weekly walks along the fields, letting Sisko run around and smell everything. I think he likes it more than us!
In the fall, the rice fields are let to dry, and the rice turns a golden hue.
The changing colors from green to gold, to yellow are beautiful.
So much of it is done by's amazing.
The local farmers also grow alot of carrots, potatoes and leeks.
Sisko loves the good weather, and the goodl walks.
And so do Teresa and I!