Our good friend Debra's brother Gerry came to visit her again. We had the good fortune to meet him last year around New Years when he visited last.
Gerry is a pretty cool guy. He is fun to hang out with, and we really enjoyed his company. Even Cyrano the cat came out to say hi to him.
Teresa was really happy at this time too. Her Diploma from the University of Maryland finally arrived. She is done with college for a while! Yahoooo!
We had alot of fun playing CASHFLOW that night. It's like Monopoly, but geared alot more towards real investment and savings in the real world.
It was alot of fun. For the next night, we were going to go to Hatchinohe, for dinner and games at Debra's in-laws.
Debra's in-laws have a stunning house, and is so beautiful, and most importantly, heated floors!
Mrs. Itabashi loves Sisko, and he is always mega spoiled by her and her husband.
They have a beautiful garden also. I got the ladies to pose for me.
And then one of Gerry, Teresa and Debra.
Teresa insisted on taking one of me. Here is Gerry, Sean and Debra.
We then drove to the old downtown part of Hatchinohe, and parked in a pay parking lot. We walked several blocks to Capriccioso's Italian resturant.
Teresa and I had passed this resturant several times before, but did not know it was so good. Debra had "found" it a while back, and really liked it.
The food was really good...especially the tomato/basil french bread!
Teresa wanted mine! So we ordered another round of the bread.
It was good food! The deserts were really awesome, especially the rasberry desert and the cheese cake.
Then a little walk around the city area to work off dinner.
The weather was really nice, and it was a great night already!
Then back to the Itabashi's house for some Taboo game playing. It's like charades, but no hand gestures.
It was the guys versus the girls. We won with a little bit of Sisko's help of course!
It was a great night, and I hated to see it end.