The weather started getting pretty cold. We went out early one Saturday morning for a "Cowboy" breakfast of steak, eggs and such at the base Shooting Range.
We met our new friends, the Commander of the Squadron Karen Mertes and her husband Michael.
Teresa got a job working at the local bank, and we went on a shopping spree at one of the local stores at the Shimoda Mall. We were very lucky and found a lot of good outfits.
Teresa got about 10 or so new 3 to 4 piece dress outfits. Well built, lined, with both skirts and pants, these were very reasonably priced also!
Poor Sisko had not been feeling well, so a trip to the vet resulted in the discovery of bladder stones. After a surgery, he was feeling pretty low for several days.
But he bounced back pretty quickly, and even the vet was amazed at his recoperative powers!
Debra came by, and for a Christmas present, she cooked Teresa and me fresh Lumpia! I wish every week was Christmas!
Sadly, we came home on December 4th to find that our dear Cyrano the Cat had passed away. That weekend Debra and we took him out into the woods and found a quiet spot.
We had found Cyrano originally as a stray kitten here in Misawa over 7 years ago, and he had seemed to be in good health. He was a big part of our lives, and we will miss him terribly. He was deeply loved by Teresa and all of us.
That day, the first snow started to fall. Here is Debras enviable car. It is a really nice vehicle, and she has fun driving it.