This year for Christmas, Teresa wanted to make the cards by hand. She spent some serious time cutting, pasting, stamping and crafting.
She had alot of fun, but it was alot of work also! But the end result was some simply superior Christmas Cards!
Teresa is having alot of fun at the bank, and is working with some very fine people. She brought me to one of the "Going Away" parties recently. It was at JuJu's Steak house, and the food was very good.
Teresa is also getting alot more cuddle time with our cat Bella. I think maybe she is getting a bit older, and wants to sleep and cuddle more.
I decorated up my office door at work. This year I went with a more modern feel.
Just inside the door, Snoopy and Woodstock says "Merry Christmas to all!"
Our entire squadron was decorated up, and it was very festive.
First place in the docorating went to the folks in our Budget Office.
We participated in a "Secret Santa" program. Elf Smalling made the rounds each Friday to distribute the presents.
I even started wearing my Santa hat around when I walked the dog each day.