Debra came by the day before Christmas, and picked up her gift. Teresa had made her a hand made special card.
It was great to see Debra. She is a very good friend of ours, and has made our stay in Misawa so much the better.
Debra really liked her card.
She took a picture of us, Teresa, Sisko, Sean and Bella.
We had made her a photo frame set of Cyrano, and Sisko.
The ladies start drinking those margaritas.....of course if there was something in the glass it would help!
Time for her bank's Christmas Party. She looks so awesome.
I wore red and black also to match her outfit.
Our photo by the Officer Club Christmas Tree.
Teresa won a door prize, a nice wooden frame.
Christmas morning...and time to start opening presents!
I got alot of nice things....
From a lot of nice people....
My thanks to everyone!
You all are the best!
I really appreciate it. I hope everyone had as wonderfull a Christmas as I did.
Just being with Teresa is the best present. She also got alot of nice presents from alot of nice folks!
Jewelry, socks, ocean items and the list goes on and on....
Of course anything with a cat on it is bound to be a winner.....
Our low-profile tree and some of our christmas cards. We actually like our tree like this...much easier to work with.