Here is our good friends Matt and Trish
Unfortunately they had to PCS on to their next assaignment.
They are really good friends that we have known for some time. Game nights are so much fun...even tho they always win!
Matt is training for a new career field in the Air Force...can't say more....!!
Here is their pup, Cody. He is the one who first introduced us all to each other!
In early April we took an MWR trip to the city of Sendai to see their famous shopping area.
Our friends Michael and Karen were on the trip with us!
Here is the famous shopping area before all the shops open.
It was a bit breezy and cold...but it was alot of fun exploring the shopping district.
Here is Teresa looking at shoes...and pets next to that!
We didn't buy much...but we had alot of fun!
Such a beautiful woman!