Camping with our good friends Rob and Ali
We drove up to Towada Lake National Park, and camped in cabins right on the water.
We brought out Rob plays fetch with Kuma.
Rob and Ali. Rob is my fencing instructor, and a good friend.
It was a good weather trip, but the campfire was still very much appreciated!
Sisko did not seem to mind the fire...surprisingly!
We stayed up late and ate too much, and told lots of tall tales.
In the morning while everyone was still sleeping, I took some photos of the always photogenic Sisko!
I don't think he ever takes a bad picture. Except when he blinks....:)
The lake was mirror smooth that morning. It's a deep lake, and very cold.
We enjoyed a slow and leisurely breakfast.
Such a beautiful wife!
We didn't buy much...but we had alot of fun!
Such a beautiful woman!
Kuma is watching while Sadie takes a nap.
Teresa takes my photo with Sisko.
Time to go, and one last look at the lake.
Sisko and Teresa pose for me just below our cabin, and just a few feet from the lake.