Sporon had made a really nice hand drawn gift for the departing friend.
Here is a closeup of his work. Sporon is a free-lance artist in Tokyo, for Magazines and Ad campaigns.
Ali and Robert received gifts from the Barron Sir Guy in thanks for their contributions to the Rapier Fighting Community. Even I received a token of appreciation from the Barron for traveling the oceans to represent the "Far Western Kingdom" at Pennsic, and for attending the Zama Collegium.
The next day we all met at Atsugi Navy Base to fight outdoors. We really lucked out on the entire trip as it was always sunny weather, cool but not too hot, and just a faint breeze.
Of course both Rob and I have all black outfits, so any kind of sun at all heats us up alot. Here Rob and I do some practice moves.
Rob overseas some practice moves with me and my new friend Sporon.
Then we suited up and started fighting. Sporon is a very energetic fighter, and has very good endurance.
Sporon and I "danced" alot that day, and tried to do our battles in the shade wherever possible. Sadly the best shady spot was also where most of the base's dogs had made "deposits". Although we didn't see anything, there was a definite stink under the one big tree.
I have recently started fighting with a dagger in my left hand, and I am really enjoying it. Before this I had used my open left hand to try to block or deflect attacks. Now I can actually deflect quickly and attack with the dagger.
Robert and the Baron Sir Guy fought each other several times. Their combat was intense and fast paced. Although the Baron is not a well versed in Rapier fighting versus his high level of skill in heavy fighting, he is very quick, has superb endurance and is a very good rapier fighter.
Later we moved on to mutliple persons battles. In these scenarios multiple people face each other in teams. Once "hit" or "killed" the remaining members of the fight must continue to face their opponents with less allies.
Many times it comes down to just one lone defender against all or nearly all of the orignal attackers.
In this scence, both Rob and I fight against three other attackers.
Here I join a group which is all attacking the last remaining person on the opposing team, which is Rob!
Robert and the Baron Sir Guy fight again. This is areally cool shot, with Robert making a hit, and the Japanese flag fluttering in the wind behind.
Here is a standard skirmish line with all of the opponets blades forming a wall. I try to move to the left to get the line broken up.