After the Collegium was over, the three of us headed to the US Army post in downtown Tokyo. The post is a very small compound not far from Roppongi and the US Embassy. It's called "The Hardy Barracks". Here is a shot looking down towards the barracks from the top of the Roppongi Hills Tower. More on that later.
Here is the Barracks. The actual compound is just 4 buildings....this being the largest one. We stayed near the top on the left, overlooking the Asayama Cemetary. More on that later too....
One of the really cool things about Japan is it's electric toilets. The one in our suite was a delux model. Not only is it heated, (you can adjust the seat temperature), but it will also wash your backside, or frontside (for you ladies), it will blow hot dry air to dry your front or back, and it will also make flushing or other noises to help "mask" other sounds you might not want other people to hear.
Here is a closeup of the control pannel. You can adjust all the functions, including force of water flow, temperatures and air use. It's kinda cool....and easy to get addicted to.
After I checked into my room, (Ali and checked into theirs across the hall) we left to go pick up Teresa at the Ebisu RailRoad and Subway Stations. Teresa had to work and could not come down for the Collegium, but she came down to spend the week in Tokyo with me and our friends the Childs. Here is a shot going down to the Ebisu Subway Station.
Turning to the right, here is a shot of the Ebisu Rail Road Station. The Rail Station is about 4 stories high, and also has many shops and resturants in it.
Teresa actually came out a different exit at the Ebisu Station than we were expecting, and she snuck up on us....sneaky and tricksey!
Rob jumped in front of the camera to make a I am including it!
After getting settled in at the Hardy Barracks, Teresa was hungry. On our previous vacation down to Tokyo the year before, we had really liked eating at the TGIF resturant in Roppongi. Since it was only a few minutes walk there from the Hardy Barracks, we ate there. The hostess was kind and took our photo outside after dinner!
After dinner, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe gift shop, did some browsing, and then walked around Roppongi a bit. It's hard to beleive it was late was pretty warm and comfortable!
The next morning we set out to eat breakfast at the New Sanno Hotel. On the way we passed alot of people walking their pets. This gentleman got stopped by the ladies (and Rob!) so they could check out the pooch.
The breakfasts at the New Sanno are pretty good, a decent price, good buffet, and quick. I especially like the Chef there who would cook omlets for you...any style or size you liked!
Teresa grabbed the camera to take a photo of me. Seems she thinks I'm not in enough shots. Well....I'll see if I can add me a few more times in there....:)