Here are two more shots of this area. If anyone wants the original high resolution files of these shots, please let me know.
It was also pretty nice that it was the middle of the week and there really wasn't that many people in the gardens...
One last picture...and my favorite I think. Check out the reflections in the water.
After a quick lunch, we headed to Akihabara shopping area to check out the most famous "Electronics" part of Tokyo.
Akihabara area is the most famous area for high end electronics, fantastic deals and great shopping for computer and computer style goods.
Most buildings are about 7 stories high, and each building has dozens of vendors or store keepers. The assortment, the hustle, the bustle, the noise, the lights...its all awesome.
You feel like you could spend days wandering the 100 or so square blocks...if you were into electronic gizmo's that is!
Sadly, my digital camera, the Fuji 50i started acting up about here. It has lasted me a number of years, thousands upon thousands of pictures...and many continents and countries....but it finally died. This is the last shot my camera took before it died. I think I accidently squeezed the case to hard when it was in my pocket and I sat down.
Later that night we wandered the Roppongi Hills complex. Here is a shot of the main tower, which is 54 stories tall.
Below the plaza's between the tall buildings have trees and lights. Last year the lights were a different color...if I remember correctly.
There was this really cool electric car that was on display below one of the towers.
Here is a shot of Ali and Rob, with theTokyo Tower behind them. Since my camera was dead, all the shots for the rest of the Tokyo trip came from Robs Olympus camera.
I got this shot from the internet showing the Roppongi Hills tower area, with Mt. Fuji in the background.
Roppongi Hills main tower the next morning...
Another shot from the internet, showing the Tokyo Tower and the Roppongi Hills skyskcarper.
A shot of the Tokyo Tower at night from the Roppongi Hills skyscrapper. Although we didn't go this trip to the Tokyo Tower, Teresa and I had gone last year with Thomas and Lynn.