Another shot from the internet, showing a scene of the Tokyo Harbor Bridge and one of the many Ferris Wheels bordering the harbor.
Another night shot of Tokyo...
Here is a shot from Rob's camera looking down at Tokyo from the 52nd floor of the Roppongi Hills tower.
Here is Ali, Teresa and myself enjoying the view....

Later that day we went to the Meiji part of Tokyo, to visit the Meiji Shrine. Here is a shot of one of the largest Torii Gates in Japan. The Meiji Jingu Shrine is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji an dhis consort Empress Shoken. The shrine grounds are in Central Tokyo, and are 175 acres big.

There must have been some sort of "Girls" ceremony or week. We saw a number of small girls in Kimono's being lead to the main shrine area by their mothers. This one was typical...very very cute! Makes you want a daughter of your own, just so you can dress her up!
The shrine also has a garden area, which we toured. This is the Tea House of the Meiji Shrine, which overlooks a pond.
Here is the pond, which had alot of very hungry Coi in it!
Here is one of those hungry guys now!
Looking back at the Tea House from the pond. The doors are removable, so the people in the Tea House could see the pond while they were relaxing.
We enjoyed walking along the paths of the Garden. The fall colors were awesome...
Sadly it was the wrong time of the year for all the flowers and Iris plants that this garden is famous for.
Here Teresa, Ali and I pose on one of the many wooden bridges.
Here is a rest area in the garden. This would be a fantastic place to have a small get together or party.
Leaving the gardens, we head on to the main Meiji Shrine area. The shrine was established in November of 1920.
Here is the main gate to the shrine. It is bad luck to step on the door frame board as you step in. Although damaged during World War II, it has been rebuilt and looks great.