After walking for long distances on gravel, the quietness of walking on paved stone was a bit un-nerving. It was probably planned that way. There is a holy water basin area outside the main gate. You are susposed to rinse your hands and mouth from the water basin. It is called the "Temizusha". Don't put your lips on the provided dippers tho.
Here is another shot of another young girl being lead from the shrine by her mother. There are weeks in Japan that are used to celebrate the daughters and sons of families. This must have been "Daughter Week".
A shot of a prayer rope stretched between two trees. I tried to sit down on the steps for a minute to rest...but one of the guards came by and told me that I couldn't sit. Oh well...I guess hardship and sore feet make the tourist and the monk stronger!
A shot of the main gate from the inside. When you are in front of the Main Shrine, you are susposed to throw some coins into the box there, bow twice, clap your hands twice, and then bow again. Then make a short prayer or request.
Here is a shot of one of the stone bridges leading to and from the shrine....
How did Teresa and myself magically get in this picture....who took the shot?
The next day before Thanksgiving Lunch, we toured the Aoyama Cemetary located behind the Hardy Barracks. It's a huge, hundred plus acres of ancient tombs.
Here is a large monument to the lost sailors of Japan's Navy.
All of the tombs were fascinating. A few were in english, or french, but 99.9% were in Japanese. Different styles, looks, etc. Nice paths, lots of trees, even wandering friendly cats.
Here is a cool one with a stone set of Torii gates and a stone mountain.
Stone lanterns surround th is one.
This one has a tall pagoda temple look...
Most of the tomb areas were about 30 by 40 feet, and the urns of ashes are under the crypts. Dozens of people and generations can be put into the family crypt area, and were!
Here is me and Teresa at Thanksgiving Dinner at the New Sanno. Good food, fantastic Service!
Later that night we went to Ginza...the "Rodeo Drive" of Japan. Expensive, lots of big glass buildings, lights, shops and resturaunts. It was getting a bit windy and cold it was time to head home and back to Misawa.