It had been a while since our last trip, so we decided to go to Lake Towada to check out the snowy gorge. First of course we had to clean off the Pajero.
Teresa had gotten Sisko a special "doggy car set", so this was Sisko's first time in it. He sort of liked it, but because of the size of it, he had to be in the back seat.
After an hour's drive, we made it to the entrance of the Lake Towada Oriase Gorge. The river was pretty small compared to the summer. But it was still very beautiful.
The poor SUV is pretty muddy looking, but with the snowy roads, I sure do appreciate the 4x4 ability! And a good working heater!
The road was snow covered, and snowy, but very pretty!
The different water seep areas had frozen into water ice falls everywhere. Most are right next to the road.
It was cold outside, so Teresa took these shots from her side of the vehicle.
I got out to take some shots of the river.
On the other side of the gorge is this nice waterfall. It's hard to see a bit because of the distance and the trees, but the falls is about 100 feet high.
Here is a shot of the Towada River again.
It was very cold and windy, but I got Teresa to step outside for a minute in front of these falls.
There is one set of major falls that everyone goes to, and here is one of the falls. If you can , check the shots of the same falls in the summer, in an earlier section.
Here is the main falls. In the summer it is a pretty big falls.
Here is the wooden bridge that you take down to see the falls. The path is now about 5 feet above the wood...a little bit treacherous.....