This is Newton, the newest addition to our family. He was a Christmas Present from me and Sisko to Teresa. I don't think Bella warmed up to the kitten for at least a month. Now is tolerated...:)
He is alot bigger now, but when we got him he was just a tiny little orange piece of fur. He loved eating and sleeping.
Here is Teresa on teh night that we brought him home from the Misawa Air Base animal shelter. Teresa volunteers there, and so had one of the first picks on the kittens.
I agreed to the kitten, and that night, even though it was cold and snowy, we made the trip to the animal shelter to get the kitten. Here is a picture of him and Teresa after they stepped into our house.
He was such a cute thing....
Here Newton and Sisko get acquainted. Sisko didn't know what to make of it really....and the kitten thought that Sisko was his new play pal.
They became good friends, and wherever Sisko went, the kitten had to go to.
The world is such a big and scary place....he likes to hang out on his Dad's arm and check it out.
But fingers are always fun to play with.
Here he is trying to figure out what his favorite sitting position will be. Sadly, this one didn't last.
Our friend Debra also got to enjoy the little baby kitten as he came to our house this past Christmas.
Newton discovered my key/change basket by the door, and promptly moved in!
I think he is learning from his older brother Sisko on how to take the most adorable poses.....
Here are the latest set of Harris Brothers....Sisko and Newton. Ready for trouble, and looking for mischief. Mom wouldn't have it any other least for now!