So after so many years, almost 7 (not consecutive) we finally are leaving Misawa AB, and headed to Tokyo. Here is the house we lived in for the past few years.
Here is Teresa and Newton watching the movers come to pack us up and move us to Tokyo.
Our goods are to be shipped on Japan Railways, and thus the movers came by with two rail containers.
We had packed most of the things in our house already, but they wrapped the appliances and last big items.
Here is the boxes we had already packed. I'll tell you, packing up is alot of work! And we had a small house too!
The movers decided to load the truck from one of our windows. Made sense actually!
Out the window and into the container.
Fortunately we only filled half of each container, so there was alot of room left over...just in case!
I drove down to Yokota Air Base a week in advance of our official move. A few days after we got packed out. I drove down in our Rocky, leaving the snow of Misawa for a warmer Tokyo.
It was kind of windy, but here is Yokota Air Base in March. In the distance is Mt. Fuji. Sadly, due to the haze, you can only see it once or twice a month from the base.
Back to Misawa I went on a train, and a few days later our good friend Debra took us out to lunch in Hatchinohe.
The staff very kindly took a group photo of the three of us. Leaving good friends like Debra is the hardest part of leaving.
Here is our new home! It is about a fourth smaller than our Misawa House, and it's a bit more expensive too. But, it's new, clean and next to a large state park called Showa.
We got to Tokyo just in time for the Cherry Blossoms to come out. We walked from the base to the Tama River, and walked along the jogging path taking in the thousands of cherry trees.
There were thousands of trees, and thousands of people. The weather was pretty nice for April. Not like the cold wet Misawa weather in April we were used to.
Walking back to the base, we stopped at the Fussa Train Station and hit the Starbucks establishment! It tasted pretty darned good!
A week or so later we went to the Showa Park, which is located 20 feet out our front door! The park is about 500 acres.
We have to go in a gate of course, and pay 400yen (@$3.50) to get in for the day. The flowes and the colors are magnificent!
Pictures just don't do it justice.
The white in the middle is actually a large collection of cherry blossoms on the pond surface.
Another shot of one of many many ponds.
There must have been about 10 thousand visitors while we were there. There are alot of bike paths, and picnic locations.
You can see how pale I am, too many years in the cold climate I guess.
One last shot of the park as we call it a day and head back home. Just a short walk from the gate of course!