Our squadron at Yokota setup a dinner cruise down in Tokyo. Sadly, it rained a bit that day. First we stopped of at the Asakusa Shrine Complex, not far from the boat dock.
Asakusa is famous for the largest paper lantern at a shrine in Japan. This is not it, but here is a nice shot of me and Teresa under one of the lanterns.
Here is a shot of the main shrine. There was a fair amount of people there, even tho it was raining pretty steadily.
Here is a pagoda style shrine building next to a gate. This shrine complex is in the middle of downtown Tokyo, not far from one of the major rivers leading into Tokyo Bay.
There were a number of smaller shrines all around the main complex.
The main attraction is on the right of course!
I really like the stone sculptures of the temple lions/dogs/demons tho!
There is just a really cool ambiance about them.....
Here is a dragon mural that was on the high ceiling of the main temple. It was almost impossible to see without digitally enhancing the image. The mural is very, very old.
Looking from the entrance of the main temple into the main courtyard.
Here is one of the two large lanterns that the temple is famous for.
Another shot of the tall 6 story pagoda.
A shot of me standing with the rain coming down behind me.
Here is one of the little courtyards leading to some of the many samll shrines. Very very scenic!
A shot from the main courtyard back to the main shrine.
There is also a large shopping plaza street in front of the main shrine. If you want any kind of cool knick-knack from Japan, you can find it here!
Then on to the dinner cruise. This is a river cargo boat that has been converted for tour business.
An interior shot of the boat, with the food beginning to be laid out.
Here I am about to chow down!
A night shot looking at Tokyo from the river. The squadron did Karaoki, awards, goodbyes and had a great time for several hours! Even I got up and sang a bit....I feel sorry for the audience!