The local SCA chapter had a big "Pre-Pensic-Preparation-Party" at the Tama Hills Resort. I had not fought "Heavy" in about 14 I looked forward to the opportunity to do that and Rapier Fighting with everyone!
Here is Lady Margo and Lady Mirica.
More folks from the event....
Lord Wilhelm.
Lady Yumiko and another lady.
More folks from the event....
Here is Alphonse, and more folks from the event.....
This is the Lady Fox, also known as "Chabi". She is both a Heavy and Rapier fighter.
More folks from the event....
More folks from the event that came from Misawa Air Base to join us at Tama. The three ladies seen are Ladyies Onoroa, Adela and Cassandra.
The Palatine Baroness Ysabelle.
The Baron Stephan.
Lord Andrew teaches some rapier point control drills.
Lady Margo works on point control drills.