Teresa decided to spruce up our yard, so she went down to the local Home Depot kind of store and got some rocks, bricks, pots and plants.
She took out a section of lawn on either side of our brick pathway, and put in a beautiful landscape. It sure does look great...she is a very talented landscape designer!
It really makes the yard so much more alive. To the left is our BBQ grill, which I fired up for a nice dinner.
Here is a shot of "Ol Kitty" a stray that we feed, and sleeps in our patio area.
One of Teresa's Japanese co-workers found this little kitten in the middle of a busy road. He scooped her up and brought her to Teresa. Teresa is the "Animal Rescuer" even here in Tokyo!
Sisko of course was friendly, but not really interested in the kitten. Just more competition for attention is probably his outlook on kittens! 4 weeks old was Teresa's estimate.
Our friend Robert came out TDY with the Air Force for the month of August. He is a good friend, and currently lives in the Seattle area. Hopefully next year his wife Ali will come out too!
Here are some pictures of Showa Park in August. It sure was hot that day! The park was very beautiful, and there were not that many people there this time.
Rob checks out this large pond in front of a Tea House for Coy Fish. We didn't see any, I think that was because the pond is only a foot or two deep. Probably gets to hot.
Here is an action shot of me jumping from that same stone to the grassy bank. The Tea House is in the background.
Teresa stops for me to take a quick snapshot of her. There were alot of very nice shady paths.
Another shot of a Japanese wooden bridge going over a stretch of water.
Me and Rob inside another Tea House structure overlooking a pond.
A bamboo latice window intrigues Rob....
Very very pretty....but all I could think of was that this would be a cool place for a sword fight!
A picture of me and Teresa with a beautiful framework surrounding us.
Here is the Bonsai Garden. There were several trees over a hundred years old. Most were at least 70 years old.
Us leaving the Spider Swamp path....
The "Childrens Forrest" area was pretty cool. Lots of slides, rocky caves, climbing walls, and stone dragons around.
Several large stone dragons are in this shot. You can climb in and ontop of them. Some shoot out water, some roar (motion sensors) and all are pretty cool!