Rob climbs up on top the dragon...Teresa hides inside the shady mouth! Pretty Shady! Pretty Lady!
Here are the famous "Bouncy Hills". Imagine huge soft plastic coated trampoline Rob and I are on one of the 4 clusters of hills. Each cluster had about 4 hills.
Very springy, no metal rims, no holes, soft all the way around, lots of rolling distance to the soft sand way way way away...very safe!
And alot of fun! Here Rob bounds over ridges built into the hills.
You could actually jump pretty high. It was very hot that day, which is why the hills were probably not covered with tons of kids. The first time I saw them, they were coated with kids...:)
It was pretty hot, so for the afternoon we went home and had lunch and a nap. Newton is very fascinated with the kitten. A new toy in his mind!
The kitten really liked playing with Newton too...but we were worried Newton might play a bit too hard with such a young and small thing....
Newton sure did keep the kitten clean tho.....
And played with her every chance he could get!
Later in the afternoon, we went back to Showa Park. Rob wasted no time in climbing a very big tree.
Teresa was enjoying her new IPOD mp3 player she got for her birthday! Happy 25th Birthday Lady!
Here is a shot of me and Rob at the south end of Showa Park, near the Tachikawa City entrance.
I got Teresa to pose in front of a large field of sunflowers! She puts those flowers to shame!
It is night time now, and the kitten Samantha is working on being the cutest little thing ever.
Two very very cute ladies!
Teresa just loves taking care of kittens. She hates having to adopt them out when they get older, but while they are hers to bottle feed, she's happy!
Here is Teresa doing her most favorite hobby!
And here is Teresa, Samantha and Samantha's new mom! We had her for 3 wonderfull weeks....