On August 27th, we had a T3 Rapier Event. T3 means Tora Taka Tournament. It was a SCA Fencing Tournament that I organized in honor of my friend Rob.
I had about 7 of my students in the tournament, as well as about 20 other folks from the SCA and local Avalon Groups show up.
It was difficult to not only organize, run, administer and participate in the event at the same time.
But it was alot of fun. I started about 6am, got done about 9pm. Here I face off with Vance. I'm the one all in black on the right.
The weather was very warm...almost too hot. And we had just had a Typhoon come thru two days earlier, so the humidity level was thru the roof!
Here is my students Thomas, Jarred and Josh. Next are two SCA folks, Dennis and Vail.
The day started off with single combat tournaments. Here Thomas faces off against his father, Vance.
Vance has skill and focus over Thomas, but Thomas has lot of energy and fury!
Rob helped out by running a number of the events as Field Marshal. He really liked my Naginata Spear for showing his Authority!
Here Lady Margo and Lord Andrew face off. Lady Regan and Lord Phelan are the background. Lord Tora looks on as Field Marshal.
Lord Vail and Sir Guy face off. Sir Guy won the T3 Tournament.
Here I parry Thomas's attack while I move in for a strike.
Here I face Sir Guy as Kevin and Tim watch in the background. They are also students, who could not participate that day.
Then the group combats started... Here I am on the "Blue" team, surrounded by "Red" badguys!
Andrew and Thomas face corner Margo....
Vance really likes to use my "Skull Tsuba" style Katana weapon.
Here Sir Guy and Lord Thomas engate in single combat while a group battle rages a few feet away.
I lead an attack on the "Evil" Red Team!
Lord Vail defends against the Red Team's Lady Margo and Sir Guy during a "Spike the Cannons" group combat event.
Lord Vail in full armor from "Kingdom of Heaven" stops to check out a photo that Lady Margo took of him. You can see my battle banner in the background behind them.
We fought in the sun and humidity from 10 am to 4pm. We were tired, sweaty, but happy! Then we all had dinner at the O'Club, and called it a day.
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