Sir Guy and a few other SCA folks wanted to get together at Tama Hills to have a Rapier Event. Teresa accompanied me for an afternoon and eventing of fighting and feasting!
Here I am in my traditional "man in black" outfit, which is the trademark of a Black Tiger fighter.
Here I am awaiting combat and training. Baron Stephan is behind me checking out his weapon.
Here I do a little training with Baron Stephan, passing on what I have learned from Tora Taka, leader of the Black Tigers.
Here I stand next to Lord Shiva, to show him the proper stance for one of the moves I was helping him learn.
Baron Stephan squares off against Sir Guy.
Lady Hilda, Lady Margot and Lord Shiva take a break and get some eats.
Baron Stephan and Sir Guy continue to spar....
Sir Guy and I square off. We all fought for a few hours, including several group combat scenarios.
Later, after fighting, we all went to the Tama Lodge and had a really nice dinner. Most of the other SCA folks spent the night, but Teresa and I had a MRW trip to Mt. Fuji to go to the next day.