Teresa works for the University of Maryland as an accountant. Here she is at her desk busily crunching those numbers!
Even tho the weather was not the best, we decided to take a drive out of Tokyo and up into the Western Mountains. We followed the large Tama River up and into the mountains. We found a nice rest area, pulled over and started walking along a path by the river.
There were several really nice big resorts and resturaunts overlooking the river. Also, hiking paths on both sides, bridges and alot of scenic spots.
The rain was drizzling a bit now and then, but fortunately it did not rain. Many of the trees were turning colors, so the scenery was awesome.
Of course there were also shrines nearby. Here is a really nice covered temple bell. Several people went by and rang it, clapped and made a prayer.
We saw quite a few kayakers on the river. The crafts were very small compared to what they were just a few years ago. Looks like about half the size and weight as earlier models.
At several points, the river made small calm estuaries, where the paddlers were practicing there skills. It was fun to watch them. Teresa is interested in learning this sport. Me too!
Here is a shot of some paddlers who took a break to hike up the bank to a resturaunt for a hot drink and some hot food. It was a bit on the cool side that day....
I don't get my picture taken that much, since I'm on the other side of the lense most of the time. Teresa was really interested in getting some shots of me that day. I think she is looking for more computer wall paper for her work machine!
Several groups of people were picnicing on a gravel bank, and watching the fishermen and kayakers go by.
The water moved steadily, but not too fast. It was also cool and very clear/clean looking. Teresa and I will see if we can sign up for some lessons.
Of course whenever we go on a road trip, Sisko has to come along with us. He enjoys these outings more than we do I think!
Here a lady instructor teachers her half dozen students how to navigate certain watery obstacles...she was very good at her job!
In many places, we passed over trail sections that were metal piling driven into the cliff face. Below us was fast moving water...very exhilarating!
Here is a close up of one of the kayakers enoying some of the white water which occured every few hundred meters...looks like alot of work...a fun workout at the very least!
After a while it was time to turn around and head back to the vehicle. Time to get some food and warm up! Teresa and Sisko stop to pose again for me and my trusty camera!
One last shot, using the timer feature on the camera to snap a shot of the two of us on the upper stretches of the Tama River. At the end of the river, Tama empties into Tokyo Harbor.