We all arrived about 9am at the Tama Recreation Area. It's about 500 acres of woods and golf courses, located equally between all the Military Bases. It is an ideal place to fight. We like the Event Area on the left, as it has a nice open grassy field surrounded by trees, and a covered 8 picnic bench area to put our gear out. Also a nice restuarant and shoppette just a hundred yards away
Black Tiger Jared gears up.
Black Tiger Allen gets help putting on his new Gorget with the help of his mother.

Black Tigers of Tokyo mascot. "Sisko the Brave"

Well...at the very least he is "Sisko the Friendly"....:)

My Dragon flag in the center of the field. It looks pretty sharp I think!
I pose here with Teresa!
This was Allen's first event. He did very well!
The first tournament scenario was the "BELL" scenario. Everyone got 4 small brass bells attached to their right leg. You could wager a bell in a one-on-one fight. If you won, you got the losers bell. At the end of the day, the person with the most bells wins.
It was a bit breezy, but that was cool, it made the red, blue and dragon flags stand out!
Here the 8 Tokyo Black Tiger fighters pose before we start the days fighting.
Kevin versus me, Kage. Tim is in the background.
Largo versus Tim.
Me, Kage, versusu Largo.
Here I "marshal" or referee a bout between Jared and Largo.
Tim versus Allen.
I got Teresa to hold my sword so I could take her photo. Sisko protects his lady from the rear!
Andrew versus James.
Kevin versus James.
Tim had put enough time in as a Black Tiger student, and wanted to be a Black Tiger, so he was "corded" with the Black Tiger Student Black Cord.
Here I give a quick little speech about how Tim had earned his cord, and the virtues of honor and swordsmanship that goes with our school's mentality.
I tie on the Black Cord of our newest official Black Tiger, Tim!
We now prepare for Mele Battles! (Group combat)
A simple two teams fighting to the death scenario.
Here we fight for control of the central flag. Every two minutes the controlling team gets one point. This is a resurection battle lasting 10 minutes. Below is the Blue Team.
The Red Team.
Lord Vail and Largo face off during the battle.
Evenly matched, the flag in nobody's control.
The Blue Team advances, taking control of the flag!
Next scenario was the "Plant the Flag" battle. You had to put your flag into the enemies flag holder on the other side of the field.
No resurections allowed.
Between mele fights, we fight for bells. Here, I fight with Jared, using the Battle Flags as a parrying device. Only the flag tho, not the flag pole.
Lord Vail squares off with Lord Wilhelm, fighting for bells!
Largo versus Baron Stephen.
With knives in hand, Largo, Andrew, Allen, Tim, Jared, James and Kevin prepare to eat!
Unknown gentleman on the right, followed by Lord Wilhelm, Lord Vail and Baron Stephen. Yep, Stephen has a beard now!
Lady Teresa, Lady Hilda, and Lady Marisa.
Standard two army fight, no resurection.
Total free for all fight, the last two standing was me and Lord Vail. He kept dancing around the Dragon Flag, using it as a shield in the strong wind. It almost worked, but I did prevail and win this event.
The most popular fights were the "Protect the Princes" fights. I have a good amount of video of these, but only this one photo. The Princess, who cannot fight but carries a flag, is protected by 5 guards. The 10 bandits attack in two waves trying to "touch" or kidnap the princess. If the princess can touch her blue flag on the red flag, located on the other side of the field, she wins! We must have played this scenario about 5 times. We would have played it more, but the day was over, and people had to go. It was a lot of fun.

Group shot of the fighters from that day.

Baron Stephan, ?, Lord Wilhelm, Lord Aaron, Andrew, Jared, James, Kage, Allen, Tim, Kevin, Lord Vail and Largo.

Everyone said that they a really great time, and I know I had a blast. Hopefully we can do this all again before too long!