Our good friends Jerry and Debra came to visit us in Tokyo. Jerry lives in the US, and his sister Debra lives up in Misawa. It is always alot of fun when they come and spend some time hanging out.
Sisko really missed Debra...he had not seen her in over a year, but he definately remembered her and got some major whining!
As always, Debra spoiled us rotten, and brought us presents. She really should have! Just their visit was enough.
Bella takes a drink of water while we all chat and catch up on what's going on in everyone's lives...
Debra got Teresa some jewelry, some nice earrings and a braclet. And food and bath & body stuff too...way too much! Thanks tho Debra!
A close up of the braclet that she gave to Teresa.
Jerry and Sisko have some fun...Sisko loves to make new friends, and reaquaint hmself with old friends too!
Debra even got Teresa a nice dress! I am looking forward to seeing her in it!
Sadly they could only stay a short time, and then they had to go on into Tokyo to get ready for Jerry's return to the US.
Teresa and Debra have been friends since 1993. She even came and visited us in Florida a few years ago.
I enjoy hanging out with Jerry alot. It would be nice if he lived a little bit closer, like even in Misawa!
Here is a few pictures of the front yard of our house in the summer of 2006.
Notice all the big old trees are gone. The housing office at American Village cut them down. We have a new small Cherry tree in the front...and of course all of Teresa's beautiful flowers.
I got Teresa to pose with Sisko in in front of her flowers...
And then she insisted on taking a picture of her two guys as well.....Cheese!
Of course I had to get Sisko to pose for me in front of some of her flowers. Maybe this will be a future wallpaper for Teresa!