Our local SCA branch has a Barronial Coronet event twice a year. This last one was the first one that I'd been to in quite a while.
I had a different heavy fighting rig than I used in the past. My past outfits were black plate mail. This one is mostly chain, with a few hardened steel points. Here I am posing with my favorite dragon sword.
Here is my friend Stephan, who has been Barron before.
Here is am with Lord Wulfe, a very good heavy fighter.
That is me on the left adjusting my gauntlet, Barron Vail in the middle, and Lord Noe standing in on the right in combat. Lord Noe actually runs a Western Martial Arts Dojo in Tokyo, which is what we are doing right now.
Here is a close up shot of me fighting on one knee. I've evidently lost a leg...again. These guys sure did have fun beating up on me! But I had alot of fun too.
Me fighting legged, against Lord Wulfe, who is also legged. I really like my chain armor, with a few hardened points. It's easier to fight in. But I do get a few more bruises tho.
Another shot me now fighitng with a small shield. That two handed weapon form just didn't work for me at all that day.
Lord Stephan squares off against me. He fought all day with a small battle axe, and did very well against all of us.
Here I am facing off against Lord Noe, who was very quick with his sword...a quick jab and my noggin had a new hole in it! Repeatedly!
Taking a break. It is very easy to get winded wearing all that armor.
Me fighting against Lord Wulfe again.
Close up...
And the same shot from back a bit...
After fighting was the feast. Here is Danniele, one of my rapier students, and Lord Hector, who I meet for the first time at this event.
Earlier in the day, Lord Stephen relaxes with some fair ladies.
Baron Vail on the right was the one who set up and helped run the event, along with his Baronness, Marixsa.
Waving for the camera.
This is the first time I got to see the costumes that Danielle made for the SCA events.
Here is former Baroness Catherine. She had some great entrance items in the contest.
My student Travis also joined us, but had limited fighting ability with his left arm in a cast.
My casual outfit before the fighting. This is my Japanese style fighting banner.
Baroness Marixsa and Baron Vail give me an "Award of Arms", for my work with the local group and my participation in the SCA events in Tokyo.
Another shot of me posing in my new, "pre-dented" armor.
Another shot...
I like the look better than the black plate armor...
During the fighting we take times to check and change armor.
My friends Lord Stephen.
Lord Vail, Lord Kage, and Lord Stephen. Good friends in armor!
Lord Hector squares off against Lord Noe.
Lord Wulfe against Lord Noe
Lord Noe after the day of fighting.
Lady Fox and Lord Stephen officiate during the nights ceremonies, in which the new Barron and Barroness are named.
We all had a great time eating and feasting until very late at night.
Lady Catherine becomes Baroness Catherine again, and Lord Noe becomes her consort, as Barron Noe.