My good friend Mike came to visit me and Teresa at the end of May, 2008. We toured all of the areas we had earlier that month with Lynn, but Yokohama was new for both me and of course Mike. Here is a shot looking out from near the Yokohama Train station at the barshore.
We stopped at this mall, called the Bay Quarter and got some bread to eat. We took the train from Tachikawa to the Yokohama Main Station. We then decided to walk from north to south along the bay, which looked to be about 5 miles.
The Bay Quarter was very cool, and had a Wolfgang Puck and also a Hawaiian upscale resturaunt. It was early morning, so we could not stop to eat there.
We crossed the road, and in the distance on the left was the Yokohama Convention Center, behind that the Ferris Wheel and LandMark Tower.
We definately had to stop in and check out the "Nippon Maru", which is a steel hulled sailing ship that was used by the Imperial Navy as a training ship. It was launched in 1930, and was a working training vessel until the 1960's.
We toured the visitors center, and then boarded the ship to take a look.
Here is Mike, posed for the camera.
Another shot of Mike and the Nippon Maru.
The harbor area of Yokohama is pretty darned cool. I would reccomend it over Odaiba or other Tokyo waterfront areas.
It was a weekday, but there were tons of school kids all over Yokohama that day.
Captain Mike...pointing the way...towards an iceberg!
Captain Sean...pointing the way to a tropical beach and a cold drink.....
A shot of the deck on the Nippon Maru.
Mike checks out the rigging
In the officers dining galley, this was the stained glass was pretty impressive!
Mike at the helm!
The beds were exactly 6 feet I barely fit.
Sean at the helm!...sailing for adventure on the big blue...
Me, then the Nippon Maru, then the LandMark Tower. The tower is the tallest building in Japan.
We got some school kids to take our photo.
A panoramic of this part of Yokohama Harbor. The Nippon maru and the landmark tower are to the left.
Further down the harbor, looking back at the Landmark Tower. You can barely see the masts of the Nippon Maru at it's base.
We then found this pretty cool old ware house area, that had been converted into shops and resturaunts. This area is called "The Red Brick Warehouse".
It was a friday, and everyone was setting up for the weekend. There were quite a few vendors out setting up and selling expensive luxury items. SeaDoo had this display below.
Glass covered porch area for some very nice european style resturaunts inside the old warehouse.
Some people were performing...this lady was actually pretty good.
Nearby was a Japan Coast Guard station. Notice the twin 20mm guns up front!
Me and a Humvee
Me and a Lamborgini Diablo
Me and a 1.8 million dollar Toyota production car.
Yachts, from Meridian. If you have a few spare million dollars.
There were tons and tons of high school students here.
As the rare foreigner, Mike and I got alot of waves smiles.
There were alot of modern pedal powered rickshaw type taxi's around.
Looking back at just part of the Yokohama Harbor area.
Walking along the south area along the waterfornt, which his the Yamashita park. The tower is the Yokohama Lighthouse. Sadly, it was closed for renovation, so we could not go up inside it.
Here is the "Hikawa Maru", which was a passenger liner for Japan in the 1930's. It was also closed for rennovation sadly.
We got some students to take our photo.
Finally, we near our final destination after a number of hours sight-seeing and eating. We have arrived at Chinatown!
It was pretty busy for an early evening. These guys looked like sumo wrestlers, so they probably were.
Lots of students were wandering the town, also taking pictures and shopping.
Most of the shops were resturaunts...about 75% of the buildings I think
There is a large shrine at the very middle of Chinatown. I pose on the steps.
One of the many streets in Chinatown.
Mike finds a "Hello Kitty" panda bear. This is the right "last" photo for this page I think.