I have always wanted to pick up my Private Pilots license. (I know, its a Private Pilots Certificate, but still....) I've just never had the time/money/opportunity combination. Until now. So...I signed up for lessons at the Yokota Air Force Base Flight Center. Here is the Cessna 172M that I flew on Monday, the 19th of October.

After take off my instructor Chiaki Hara and I headed south towards the ocean. The city of Tokyo on the Kanto Plains would be to my left, and to my right would be the mountains surrounding Mt. Fuji.

Heading south we passed several bases...US Army and US Navy.
It was a great flight..there was a bit of haze, but virtually no clouds. The chop was slight, and turbulence was rare...
Looking to the north east of my flight at Atsugi Naval Air Station.
To my right the mountains that lie beneath Mount Fuji. Mt. Takao is in this shot also.
I flew first by magnetic compass, shown here. But the electronic compass was easier and closer to my main vision...so I used that for the rest of the flight...
Looking out the right wing at Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji again after a few more miles....
I made a few circles and flew a few patterns over the coast. Tokyo is to the north of this shot...further up the coast.
Looking south, at the bottom of those mountains is Yokohama, and Yokuska Naval Base.

Heading north...Mount Fuji is the dark mountain closest to the right edge of this photo.

Chiaki Hara and myself.

Pilot In Command....Sean Harris!
All too soon it was time to start flying back to the base from our practice area.

After landing in front of a 747, and then taxing to the fueling area, we could then finish up the trip at the Aero Club hanger, where I did the post-flight check list and secured the aircraft.

Cessna-One-Eight-Four-Zero-Victor and myself have many more hours ahead of us together!